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Let's be honest, this is a stock photo. 

But once we have this whole thing going, we will feature real, local community members instead.

Grocery Store Staff

Not sales.

A business group focused on real connection and mentorship.

Wait... no pushing my business?
So what's the point then?

Glad you asked!


All too often, business owner groups are pumped full of people that only think about who in the room is a prospect.

Or they cost a million dollars to be a part of. 

Hard pass.

Or they have an oddly negative energy you can't quite put your finger on.

Not here, thanks.

Coffee Shop Owner
Happy Businessman
Stationery Store
Workshop Owner
Portrait with Glasses
Lawyer in Lobby

Any of these people could be you.

Senior Businesswoman

Anyone can join as long as they follow the rules.

1. Must be a business owner, entrepreneur, or solopreneur. Exceptions may be made for contract workers or people interested in starting their own thing.

2. Must be interested in sharing tips, suggestions, and stories on how you moved onward and upward - "sending the elevator back down" so to speak.

3. MUST NEVER SOLICIT ANYONE. EVER. If you do, you'll get booted out of the group. Fast. With no remorse. It'll be 100% your fault, and you can only blame yourself. So just don't do it.

4. Must help to create and cultivate a positive environment.

5. Must treat everyone with respect.

There are more rules at the meetings, too, but we'll talk about those in person!

Okay, so I can learn from and mentor others, it's free, no one will harass me about their business, and it'll always be a totally positive environment?

A thousand times yes!

Casual Businessman

If you want to be a part from the start, fill out the Google Form here:

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